Windshield Automatic Phone Holder


The Phone Holder You Never Drive Without

Finally use your GPS masterfully. Monitor all your important calls. All this while staying safe in your car.

Getting ready for a long drive but need a GPS? Or maybe you need to monitor your phone for an important call you’re expecting? Either way, it’s very important to keep your smartphone visible in cases like this! With the Automatically Locking Windshield Phone Holder, you can do both super easily!

Driving out? Get the most innovative phone mount you'll ever find in the market!


put it and where you want to put it!

Wherever you sit, whoever navigates your road trips, or wherever you want the mount, it's all up to you!


Wherever you put it, it stays perfectly! Features a strong suction cup that keeps it in place at all times and never falls down!


No wobbling, no slipping, and no more worrying about your phone in your car.


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Automatically Locking Windshield Phone Holder

The Phone Holder For You

Massive functionality, great durability, and an awesome design that fits any car. Drive with confidence today!

Once you install it in your car, your world will drastically change!

So what are you waiting for? If you want to drive while being able to view your GPS or monitor your important calls easily, get it while you still can!