The Sprinkler Buddy Babyshines


Enjoy The Water Show Kids!!!

Looking for a cool and entertaining way to entertain your kids? With Sprinkler Buddy we can do just that. Allowing them to enjoy a water show like never before.

Super easy to set-up in just minutes after getting it. Just pop in the batteries, place it in the water and you're all set. Giving your infant a cool, entertaining, and sprinkling companion in no time.

Lights up with vibrant, colorful lights and also plays music as well. Keeping your child entertained and engaged for hours without getting bored.

Battery operated so you never have to worry about using any complicated wiring whatsoever. Simply pop in 3 AAA batteries and you're set.

Just with one wheel, this Water Spray Toy can be played on the ground.

If you're looking for fun and entertaining for your little one then this is the product for you. Unique, fun-filled, and a gift your toddler will never forget.


  1. The top spout is delicate and can spray a lot of water column
  2. Placed on the water, it automatically absorbs water without a switch
  3. Battery use: three AAA batteries(doesn't include), long battery life, equipped with a sealing ring to prevent leakage


  • Material: environmentally friendly plastic + electronic components
  • Weight:No wheel:0.44lb,   With wheel:0.67lb
  • Packing Size (approx.): No wheel :5.71*5.71*5.12in (14.5*14.5*13cm) / With wheel:5.31*5.31*4.72in (13.5*13.5*12cm)


  • 1 x Spraying the ball.
  • 1 x  Box