Reflexology Acupuncture Massage Slippers


An Effective Solution To Relieve Pain And Relax Your Joints & Muscles!

Are you looking for a convenient solution to improve health? Our Acupressure Slippers doesn't only bring out style but also provide the health benefits of reflexology and acupuncture. 

Foot massage is one of the most relaxing treats you can give yourself. These massage sandals target various parts of your body not only your feet. The acupressure slippers improve your blood circulation and metabolism. It releases aches and pain such as headaches, migraines, neck pain, backaches. These sandals work well to relieve pain from arthritis, migraines and back pains. Wear our acupressure slippers wherever you go to enjoy all these health benefits!

  • Physical health, relieve fatigue: promote blood circulation, regulate the internal functions of the body (such as stomach, spleen, heart, ears, eyes, etc.), clear the channel, make the breath smooth.
  • Adjustable, foot massage, relieve fatigue, promote blood circulation.
  • Suitable for massage lovers, the elderly and others: staying up late / working overtime, poor quality of sleep, sedentary staff, muscle aches, poor immunity, obesity.
  • The shoe upper is designed according to the acupuncture points of the human foot, which makes it more fitted and the massage effect is better.
  • Enjoy a professional foot massage by simple walking. You may feel painful for first several times use if you have a tight foot, add socks and shorten the wearing time will help you feel better.

Image of Acupressure Slippers


Acupressure Slippers Helps To Stimulate Blood Circulation & Improve Health.


  • MOST RELAXING THERAPEUTIC SANDALS: Acupressure slippers gradually eliminate multiple chronic diseases, provide convenient relaxation. The sandals stimulate blood circulation, relieves stress, insomnia, and anxiety. It refreshes tired, sore, plantar fasciitis feet. 

  • DESIGNED FOR PAIN RELIEF: Reflexology sandals are designed with rotating balls on the sole, placed specifically to target the pressure points of your feet. The massage sandals have efficacies of deodorization and antiseptic, useful for your feet.

  • NATURAL HEALING THERAPY: These reflexology sandals have stronger healing function. It can mitigate the usual problem for female edema. Wear acupressure slippers at least 15 minutes every day for best results.

  • PERFECT FIT TO ANY: These sandals come in different sizes to fit both men and women. They can be easily wiped clean with a clean damp cloth.

  • PREMIUM NON-SLIP MATERIALS: These sandals are made of Leather and EVA material. They are non-slip, sturdy and safe to use.