Premium All in One Travelling Bag



✅ All-in-One travel bag is perfect for trips short and long
✅ Keep all of your suits and shirts crease and wrinkle-free
✅ Save money on check-in luggage                                                       
 Secure All Your Valuables and Money with Anti-Theft Pockets
✅ Multi-Purpose pockets and sections, all water-resistant
 Use as a single shoulder, backpack, casual bag or a handbag
✅ Available in both grey and black
✅ Easily use as carry-on luggage

Make traveling easy and packing even easier. Keep your clothes wrinkle-free and organized your cosmetics spill-proof, and your souvenirs and documents safe with this All in One Travelling Bag…

Whether you’re packing for a business trip or for your family vacation, this water-resistant travel bag is what you need.

Created with durable, lightweight, water-resistant materials, this travel bag has many multi-purpose pockets and compartments to keep your items secure.

  • Perfect Carry On Size: pack everything you need for your next trip in specially-designed multiple pockets and compartments - the size is within airlines carry on standards - 21in x 11.5in x 10.5in / 53cm x 29cm x 27cm
  • Stay Organised and Pack Efficiently: with multiple pockets for garments, passports, necktie, shoes, etc. its very easy to stay organized when you are traveling for a business trip or a holiday break
  • Stylish and Wear & Water-Resistant: with its highly wear, water-resistant and stylish design you can stay classy with a little bit of hood and a lot of universe in you
  • Keep Your Shirts / Suit Crease & Wrinkle Free: thanks to the special inner suit compartment, your garments will arrive in perfect condition


  • Water-resistant, durable fabric
  • Multiple pockets and compartments
  • Inner suit / garment compartment 
  • Multi-layer storage space
  • Perfect carry-on size (below airline requirements) 
    Size: 21in x 11.5in x 10.5in / 53cm x 29cm x 27cm
  • Passport / documents pocket
  • Dedicated shoe compartment
  • 4 different ways of use (single shoulder, backpack, handbag or a casual bag)
  • Trolley attachment belt
  • Weight: 2.86lbs / 1.3 kg
  • 40-liter capacity

With the All in One Travelling Bag, you’ll be traveling and packing like a pro in no time. 

The only question is: where will you be heading to next?

Will You Be Travelling with a Partner?

A specifically-designed compartment for your suit. 

  • Designed to prevent any wrinkles and creases on your suit. 

Multiple Pockets and Compartments:

  • Pack everything you need on your trip from clothes, belts, electronics, ties, stationery, and more. 

Large Bag Opening:

  • Pack fast and access your valuable fast. Travel through airport security fast and simple.


Side Pockets Designed for Documents and Stationery:

  • Designed for your passport, stationery, notebooks, and tablets. 

HSuite Case Strap

Modern and Slick Design with High-Quality Wear-Resistant Material:

  • You won't need to buy another travel bag for years.


Perfect Cabin Luggage (Carry On Size):

  • Take it with you on the plane without worries.


Durable & Water-Resistant Fabric:

  • High-quality fabric that will keep your valuables dry even when it rains or is spilled on. 


The One Bag You Need For All Your Travels:

  • A truly All-in-One Solution and the Most Multi-Functional Travel Bag on the market.