Rescue Mr. Penguin Board Game

Don't Let The Penguin Fall Off!

A fun game the whole family can bond over! It all starts with a lone penguin standing on 'ice' that's about to crack. You and an opponent take a turn spinning the arrow that shows how many pieces you'll have to "crack" with your play "ice pick". Knock over the pieces and try not to let the penguin fall. Whoever makes it fall loses! Improve your kids' focus and strategical thinking. Buy this game now!


  • Safety and durable: the penguin game made from environmental protection material, non-toxic, safe and healthy. The high-quality plastic makes the products more durable. It is an interactive game. You can play with your family and get happy in the game. It not only can allow children to feel the warmth of the family but also can increase the feelings among them.

  • Intellectual development: the process of assembling the game plate can exercise the child's geometric cognitive ability and training child's independent thinking ability, promote their intellectual development.

  • Tips for assembly: Please turn over the ice in the center, and then put the penguin inside the concave, making the penguin stand firmly just like picture third. Assemble the ices into the platform may cost your valuable time, but when you begin to play it and enjoy the fun you will find that all the work is worthy. There are a total of 38 pieces of ices in the package, assemble the platform only request 37 pieces, the extra one just for spare.

  • How to play: the ices should be assembled to the ice-breaking platform, and then turn the wheel, knock down the ice according to the wheel arrow pointing to, when the penguin fall from the ice break means the end of the game.

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