Yummy Lunch Box


Make food on the go fun again with the Premium Lunch Box!

Our modern design not only looks amazing but offers tons of new storage possibilities. Easily portion meals for a healthier balanced diet. 

Meal at work? School lunch for the kids? Picnic at the park? Going camping? We got you covered!

Easily take your food to work or school with this Brand new concept for lunchboxes. Keeps your food hot, cold, or both and is easy to clean and store. This eco-friendly stainless steel lunch box has a modern design that not only looks amazing but offers a bunch of new food possibilities to make lunchtime fun again.  

The Best Premium Portable Cute Mini Leak-Proof Stainless Steel Thermal Lunch Box with an option of Thermal Bag to keep food warm for longer.

Going somewhere? Prefer to carry lunch to work? If you like to eat your food hot and fresh, even hours after it was cooked, then you should own Thermal Lunch Box. Its high-grade stainless steel interior and innovative design keep the food warm and fresh longer than other similar products available in the market. The lunchbox neither lets air, nor heat to pass through it, keeping the cold items cold and hot items hot inside. Thermal Lunch Box is made of high-quality stainless steel and premium PP plastic as it is completely free of BPA. All materials used in this lunchbox have been approved by the FDA as food grade. It weighs about 0.97 lbs in total and is designed not to be bulky and clunky. The utility of the Thermal Lunch Box is multi-fold. It consists of 4 compartments in total that are stackable. You can keep your meals in two large compartments, and salad in one small compartment. Once you have placed the food in the boxes, they can be stacked over perfectly. It even comes with a handle for you to easily carry, wherever you go. To help you with your lunch, we have also provided a spoon and a fork. What’s more, you need not even care for much for its maintenance. It is dishwasher safe. This awesome lunchbox can be yours now. Just hit the order button to enjoy fresh meals every day. Thermal Lunch Box – All Rights Reserved.


  • Breakthrough Technology Insulated Lunchbox — Designed using the latest technology to insulate heat completely. The interior is made from high-grade stainless steel which controls the temperature at its finest. Warm or cold food, their freshness will be kept longer. It weighs about 0.97 lbs in total and is designed not to be bulky and clunky.
  • Total Safe and Durable PP Material — The lunchbox is made from highly durable stainless steel and premium PP material that lasts for decades. It is also non-toxic and BPA-free as it has been approved by the FDA as food-grade material. Thermal Lunch Box is assumed to be safe for your whole family.
  • Immense Storage Space — The lunchbox comes with 4 storage compartments – 1 large compartment for the meals and 2 medium for salad and other accompanying items. It is a one neat stackable little package that has a perfect portion for each section. With such generous space, you can plan your meal with more variation which makes it more efficient.
  • Ultra Strong Locks for Secured Compartment — All compartments fit together perfectly for easy storage and carrying. The locks have extra power so the lids are secured safely and tightly. This is important so your food will not end up messy when you open the lid. A strong handle is also provided for easy carrying.
  • Super Ergonomic — The metallic food trays can withstand high temperatures. They are also dishwasher safe, which also makes cleaning easy. We offer a high-quality product designed for your convenience. Go get one and have an excellent quality lunch!


  • PORTABLE & FLEXIBLE - Each layer can be removed to create a lunch box that meets your current requirements. Simply remove or add a layer as required so you can separate vegetables from rice avoiding a tainting odor.  
  • LEAK PROOF - Carrying liquid foods including curry, chili or soup without the worry of leakage during transportation. Each layer has a screw top locking system creating an airtight seal.   
  • VACUUM INSULATED - The double-walled vacuum insulated exterior will keep your food cold for up to 4 hours or hot up to 2 hours. The exterior will not sweat condensation or be hot to the touch. 
  • ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - Our lunch boxes can be used again and again due to the high quality 18/8 stainless steel and a commercial-grade plastic material. It's dishwasher safe but also quick and easy to clean by hand. 100% BPA FREE - non-toxic pollution. 
  • FOOD ON THE GO - This is perfect for lunch at work, college students or kids attending school, fun road trips, sporting events, picnic’s and so much more.
  • COLORS: Pink, Green, Blue, Purple



  • TWO TIER: 1000 ml 
  • THREE TIER: 1300 ml


  • TWO TIER: Approx. 22 x 11cm / 8.7" x 4.3"
  • THREE TIER: Approx. 28.5 x 11cm / 11.2" x 4.3"