Lap Stand Pillow: Multi-Angle Soft

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😄Lap Stand Pillow is convenient for folks of all ages!😄

Lap Stand Pillow is a super functional stand that is more like a comfortable pillow than a piece of hardware. Lap Stand Pillow has three different reading angles and does the work of supporting your device while you relax, no matter what position you’re in. Just flip to the reading angle you need while you stay in place. Super lightweight yet sturdy, Lap Stand Pillow is convenient for folks of all ages.

Lap Stand Pillow is the Ultimate Tablet Pillow. Designed by an optical engineer to provide 3 different optically superior viewing angles this patented and 'revolutionary' pillow will accommodate most eReaders, Kindles, iPads, and tablet computers. 3 more ways to love your Lap, Stand Pillow.


  • 3 VIEWING ANGLES - Get comfortable, then let Lap Stand Pillow do the work of holding your tablet or book at the best angle for you. Rotate Lap Stand Pillow for 3 distinct viewing angles for every reading position and change in lighting: your lap, sitting upright or lying fl.
  • SOFT, STURDY, LIGHTWEIGHT - Lap Stand Pillow is made of lightweight foam with an ultra-suede cover for a sturdy stand that weighs only ounces. The plush exterior is extra soft and unzips for easy cleaning (machine washable).
  • TABLETS, E-READERS, iPADS - Lap Stand Pillow  is compatible with most tablets, e-readers, smartphones, and reading materials including iPad mini, air, pro, iPad 1 - 4; Samsung Galaxy tablets, Kindle, HTC, LG, Nokia Lumia, OnePlus, Dragon Touch & Google Nexus, kids tablets, books, magazines, textbooks - you name it!
  • SMART DESIGN - Designed by an optical engineer to provide 3 different viewing angles has 3 sides of specific height & angle: 8.5” (49°) x 7.9” (70°) x 6.6” (61°), 11.5” in length.
  • TECH GIFT - Lap Stand Pillow is a year-round tablet accessory gift for iPad, e-reader, tablet, and book lovers. On the couch, in the kitchen with a cookbook, reading in bed, doing homework in the car, Lap Stand Pillow is terrific for readers of all ages.

    Key Features

    • 3 viewing angles
    • Soft, sturdy, and lightweight
    • Plush soft exterior that you may wipe off with a damp cloth to clean.
    • Compatible with most tablets, e-readers, smartphones, and reading materials.

    Compatible with most tablets, e-readers, smartphones, and reading materials.


    • Dimensions: 9 x 11.5 x 9 inches.
    • Weight: 1.01 pounds.
    • Material: Cotton.
    • Color: Black.

    Package Include:

    • 1 x Lap Stand Pillow.


    Q: I prefer to lie back in bed and read (books, not kindle or iPad) instead of sitting up. Is the angle ok when you are lying down as well?

    A: The angle is okay for lying down, and each side has a different angle. You’ll still need to have a hand on the book to keep it open and thick books might not easily stay on the thin ledges.

    A: There are 3 angles. one of them is perfect for reading in bed

    Q: My mom reads paperbacks and it hurts her back when reading in a chair. Would this item be helpful for her?

    A: Yes, She can use it in bed and in a chair. She might want to put a small pillow under it to elevate it more so her neck is in the right position, as well. 

    Q: How well does this work for hardbound books and paperback books?

    A: Works well for books, kindles, iPad, etc.

    Q: Need it for a Samsung galaxy tab a 10.1. will it fit this pillow? 

    A: Yes. The length is 11 3/4” and the height is 11”.

    Q: Could this hold a textbook securely?

    A: Yes but it depends on the depth of the book. Best with books less the. 2.5” deep.

    Q: I read a lot in bed. I read on my side. would this work sit on a bed?

    A: Yes. It's great for side reading.