Immortal Daruma Wooden Magic Toy

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Our magic puppet toy won't be broken! this is moves as if the spectator watches CG animation. You can take it and play with your children, or show your friends this amazing treasure at a party!  You have to practice needed to perform magic, But you can perform magical phenomena if you master this magic. It is funny and unique magic with traditional toys suitable for all age groups. Anyone will be happy to get this magical toy; it can exercise children's hand-eye coordination ability and special imagination, practical ability and thinking ability. Make fun while enjoying of assembly. This magic tricks Toy can magical Daruma jumps to avoiding hammer. This is knocked down and collapsed, it magically re-shapes (re-builds). To do perform with the magic trick place ear hook around your ear, to loosen the prop string slowly lean forward then topple over the wooden man.

  • It develops intelligence.
  • Even if it falls, it will stand up by itself.
  • This is a funny trick playing with a traditional Japanese toy called a Darumaotocy.

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  • The Darumaotocy is a game which is; Make a layer of blocks of the same size, and puts the Daruma doll on the top of blocks.

  • While not drop the Daruma doll, pulling out the bottom block by hammering.

  • Then the doll avoids hammer-like living things.

  • Parlor sized show is recommended for this magic


  • doll : 3cm × 9.7cm 

  • hammer: 10cm