Handy Broom Super Easy House Cleaning

Are you always having to clean up the mess on the floor?

The Handy Broom is one of the most efficient brooms on the market.  It has just the right amount of features to make your sweeping job super easy.  It's very durable and is built to last in your home.

  • Dustbin teeth that prevent debris from sticking to your broom
  • 180-degree rotation for the broom head, allowing you to reach in tight places
  • Extremely durable build
  • Fine bristles that pick up everything
  • Easily Stored 


The broom has a nice hinge on it that allows you to rotate it 180 Degrees.  It lets you get underneath those hard to reach places.


The bristles of the broom are made extremely well also.  They have a strong yet fine feeling to them.  They were designed in mind to sweep up small dirt particles, grains and more.  It really can sweep up just about anything without missing a spot or having to repeat your strokes too much.


This dustpan is just as tall as the broom making it easy to use together with your broom.  It has a durable rubber seal at the bottom to make it easy to sweep up things like dust into it without missing anything.  

We all know what a nightmare this can be on regular brooms:

One of the big things that make this dustpan special is it has 3.5cm teeth that allow you to seamlessly comb the broom to pull off dust and debris.  It's annoying when hair and other substances stick to a broom, so we've designed the dustpan to be able to comb it off the broom.


We've built a ring on the broom handle so you can easily clip it to your dustpan.  The Handy Broom is nice and thin-fitting so it fits between places pretty easily.  It won't take up much more room than a conventional broom without a dustpan.