Easy Glide Fast Hair Dye


Achieve a new hair color in just seconds!

This Easy Glide Fast Hair Dye will surely let you transform your boring hair into a new look that will surely turn heads!

Change your look instantly...

  • DIY your hair color to match with your different clothing or mood.
  • With over 6 eye-popping vibrant colors for you to choose from!
  • Be creative and mix and match vivid colors for a striking look!
Risk-free & mess-free!
  • Doesn't contain any chemicals that can damage your hair.
  • These colors are not permanent so you can still keep your natural hair.
  • Mess-free with zero color transfer compared to other hair dyes.
  • No more messy pens or chalk that can stain your hands or clothes!
Reusable & washable...
  • Easily washes out with just shampoo and water.
  • You can change your hair color everyday if you like!
  • Just press and slide through your hair to use!
Reusable, portable & easy to wash out...
  • Handy design that lets you bring it and color your hair anytime, anywhere!
  • Perfect for parties, raves, clubs, cosplay events or just on casual days.
  • Works on all types of hair. Be it short, long, blonde, brown or black, this works!

Look magical, stunning and fabulous anywhere you go! Dye and style your hair with this Easy Glide Fast Hair Dye NOW!


Available Colors: Blue, Red, Rose Red, Purple, Green, Orange

Net Content: 30g

Size: 50 x 15mm

Package Inclusion/s: Choose Your Bundle...

  • Buy 1 Set Only — 1 set Easy Glide Fast Hair Dye includes 6pcs.
  • Buy 2 Sets (Save 10% OFF) — 2 sets (12pcs.)
  • Buy 3 Sets (Save 15% OFF) — 3 sets (18pcs.)