Detachable Eyebrow Grooming Stencil Set - 8PCS

Tired of adjusting the left and right eyebrow shaping time and time again?
On the way of finding your right and unique style of eyebrow styling?
Waste a lot of time every day in painting the eyebrow as a beginner?
or just Wanna try with a new eyebrow style?

These eyebrows stencil kit will meet all your needs and bring you a pleasant and easy making up experience. Why not take them and enhance your confidence in making a perfect, unique and eye-catching eyebrow paint?
  • 8 Shapes of Eyebrow Stencils - You can choose a suitable shape and best size eyebrow stencil according to your natural brow shape, Enough for your daily use.
  • Easy to use - The strap used for stabilizing the eyebrow stencils and the handle used for adjusting the position of the eyebrow stencils. in this case. you will draw your eyebrows so easily and effective.

  • Time-Saving - Our eyebrow stencils not only for beginners but also for skilled ones. Great for you to sketch the edge of eyebrows.

  • Reuseable & Washable - Our eyebrow stencils are made of High-Quality eco-friendly material, soft and comfortable. Reuseable and Washable.


  • Material: PC.
  • Weight: 35 g.

Package Include:

  • 1 x Eyebrow Stencil ( 8 pcs ).
  • 1 x Handle.
  • 1 x Head Rope