Edgy Fake Tattoo Sleeve


Want a realistic tattoo sleeve without the commitment?

    Our Edgy Sleeve does just that! The Edgy Sleeve is an arm sleeve faux tattoo that looks like the real thing from far away and up close. It's easy to apply and comes in a variety of tattoo styles to best match your look.


    • Fake tattoo sheet
    • Designed for the whole arm
    • Easy to apply with warm water
    • Looks super realistic
    • Can be removed right away or last for up to one week if taken care of properly
    • Dimensions: 17cm x 48cm


    1. Remove plastic cover from tattoo sheet and cut off any product labels
    2. Place the whole sheet in the desired place on arm and flatten out any wrinkles
    3. Apply a warm, damp cloth to entire sleeve
    4. Apply pressure to the whole sleeve and hold for 30-60 seconds
    5. Remove wet cloth
    6. Slowly remove tattoo sleeve being careful to not slide it around on the arm
    7. Let dry


    • Rub the Tribal Temporary Tattoo with alcohol or makeup remover or cold cream or baby oil and then wait 10 seconds.
    • Rub again gently and repeatedly until the tattoo has disappeared or by scrubbing it off with soap and water 


    Do not apply to sensitive skin, near eyes or if allergic to adhesive. Also not recommended for children under 3 years old.


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