Money Saving Collapsible Coffee Cup


Less than one percent of these are recycled. Worse still, it takes about 20 years for a plastic lined disposable cup to decompose.

That's why we have created the collapsible and reusable coffee cup.

Manufactured from recyclable silicone this will last you for years. Our silicone is BPA free, inert and easy to clean - similar to silicone bake ware.

Not only will you reduce waste but you'll save cash too.

Most coffee shops offer a BYO cup discount. For example:

  • Pret: 50p
  • Starbucks: 25p
  • Costa: 25p
  • Paul: 25p
  • Greggs: 20p
  • Caffe Nero: Double loyalty stamps

So not only are you making a small change for good but you're putting money back in your pocket too.

  • Save money. Most coffee shops offer a bring your own cup discount!
  • Portable. Cup collapses to a handy pocket size.
  • Leak proof, any leftovers wont leak in your bag
  • Easy to clean, dishwasher safe
  • Convenient, microwave safe
  • Safe, food grade silicone. Contains no BPA's

Cup Sizing

Expanded height: 14cm
Collapsed height: 6cm

The original money-saving collapsible cup, 350ml (12 oz) will suit:

Costa 'Primo'
Starbucks 'Tall'

The new grande coffee cup, 550ml (16 oz) will suit:

Costa 'Medio'
Starbucks 'Grande'

Mystery Gift When You Buy Two Or More

Everybody uses one of these twice a day. It's typically made of plastic. It doesn't have to be!