Comfy Cat Travel Pouch


No more unexpected scratching while traveling with your kittens!

Comfy Cat Travel Pouch combines cat carrier & grooming sack in one.

Traditional carriers have been proven to make your cat hot, stressed & cramped. They are often highly painful, forcing your cat into the red zone of fear and aggression by the time the carrier & its inmates get to the Vet.

Traveling with your cat just became the easiest part of being a pet owner! Comfy Cat Travel Pouch is perfect for transporting your cat in a comforting stress-free way. Give your cat grooming & medicine hassle-free keeping your kitty calm, healthy and mobile.

It creates a cozy & safe environment to keep kitty calm & comfortable while transporting to the vet or travel. Also, it is easier for you to trim their nails, clean ears or brush teeth by preventing scratching

Ideal for any size cat - Just slide the collar over kitty’s head, adjust to size & close it with zipper. When you don't need the pouch, fold it for the best storage. Happy travel with cats is so easy!

  • For Easy Cat Carrier & Grooming!
  • Keep your Kitty Calm & Comfortable when transporting to the vet or travel
  • Adjustable Collar:  Just slide the collar over kitty’s head, adjust to size & zip closed
  • Front Paw Openings: Perfect grooming sack to keep kitty calm & still while clipping nails
  • Prevent Scratching: Durable ripstop fabric prevents kitty’s claws from poking through. This will allow you to comfortably transport your cat anywhere without being scratched
  • Waterproof: Machine Washable
  • Ergonomic Design - Comfortable shoulder strap for easy carrying
  • Won't Hurt your Cats 
  • For any Cat Size - Designed to keep kitty close & secure


    • Size: 39cm x 56cm

    Package Includes:

    • 1 x Comfy Cat Travel Pouch