Comfort Plus Knee Massager

This Knee Massager with Compression is designed to help lessen swelling, stiffness and even reduce pain caused by injuries, arthritis, and another problem, thanks to the massager’s heated and compression function, getting rid of knee problem is now possible at home.

This heated knee massager work simply by compressing knee joints and can be easily attached to the user’s knee using its included adjustable straps. The included airbags, on the other hand, can be easily inflated and deflate so users can easily apply 3 different levels of pressure on the kneecap.

Knee Massager with Compression

The Knee Massager with Compression

The massager’s compression technique, on the other hand, allows the device to boosts circulation and even increased body temperature perfect for stimulating the healing process and to flush away fluids that causes inflammation.

Knee Massager with Compression 1

This Knee Massager with Compression has 3 levels of soothing warmth to make it an effective therapy partnered with vibration mode and of course its auto-off function for extra security and best of all, it only measures 7.5×6.5×5 inches in height, width, and diameter. Weighs 1 3/4lbs.


  • AIRBAG COMPRESSION MASSAGE: 3-grades airbag wrap, Relax knee soft tissue, By squeezing the knee around the airbag. it automatically fills and deflates, comfortable knee discomfort
  • WARM HEAT: 3-grades constant temperature hot pack, Speed up blood flow in the knee joint, Temperature penetrates the skin, relaxes blood vessels speeds up blood circulation, and dredges meridians
  • INFRARED RADIATION: Increase cell viability at the knee joint, Built-in 19 red lights to illuminate the joints, Penetrate the muscles to make the cells more energetic
  • MAGNET PHYSIOTHERAPY: Release healthy magnetic energy, Built-in energy magnets help balance the magnetic field at the bottom of the muscles, release healthy magnetic energy, and accelerate pain relief
  • KNEE PAIN RELIEF FROM INSIDE: solve the problems of knee joint