Amazing LED Fish Toy


Looking For A FUN Cat Toy?

Get This All-Time BEST SELLING LED Fish Toy! 

The robot fish are able to swim in 5 different directions and actually look like real fish until you look at them a bit closer.

 It's Super FUN & Cute - Just Add Water and Watch Your Cats Play With These Funny Swimming Fish!

 These Robot Fish Swing Their Tail And Race Forward Just Like Real Fish.

 Perfect For Summertime To Encourage Hydration ☀️

 Battery Included Size AA

 PRO TIP: Use Them in the Sink!

 Sent in Random Colors Only.


  • Premium Material: Made of high-quality material, safe, non-toxic, harmless to the human body, to ensure pet safety play.
  • Super Creative: With LED light, the unique shape design attracted the pet's attention, and encourages your pet to play with water. It is a great gift for your cat owners.
  • Easy to Use: With awesome LED light at the fish head. Lifelike tail motion. Install the battery and turn on the switch, they will start swimming in the water (Automatically turns on /off with water sensor).
  • Perfect Gift: It's a very interesting pet toy, also as a fantastic gift for your children. It can be set to motion in a sink, a bathtub or even a swimming pool.