Vehicle Travel Power Adapter


Plug-In Any Electronic Anywhere!

This all-new technology allows you to get the same power as your wall outlet anywhere! Just plug it into your vehicles lighter socket and you're ready to go.
Plugin anything from kitchen tools such as toasters, microwaves or fridges. Plug-in electronics like laptops, TV or even video game consoles! It works with any electronic.

This making traveling much easier whether it's keeping the kids entertained or making a full kitchen possible in the woods. This is a must-have for Summer as we go on road trips and spend all our time outdoors.

Completely safe to use, this adapter has overload protection and is approved nationwide. 

This Travel Power Adapter works universally with any vehicle or plug type. 

It also has a USB plug so you can charge your phone while you enjoy the luxury of a power plug in your vehicle!

Main Features
  • Universal AC Plug, use any regular power plug!
  • USB Plug
  • Fits any vehicles lighter socket!
  • Color: White
  • Input voltage: DC 12V/24V
  • Output voltage :480V
  • USB output:6V